– folk – handmade – female – queer –

An unusual description for a band playing music of the folk genre. Even more unusual that the band in
question comes from Germany. Hanne Kah, 4 musicians from the small city of Mainz, in the heart of
Germany, have become known as one of folk’s most respected voices in Germany. Touring not only
in their home country, but internationally in Canada, Australia and all over Europe.

Throughout the years, Hanne Kah played shows with renown artists like Roger Hodgson of
Supertramp, The Hooters, Bob Geldof and many more. Hanne herself even performed the theme
song „Hanging Tree“ from the award winning hollywood blockbuster „The Hunger Games“ with the
Chechz National Symphony Orchestra directed by Hollywood composer James Newton Howard.
Only the global pandemic forced the band to hit the pause button. Stuck at home, the band worked
on new ideas. By doing so, they were able to develop a new musical course.
With the release of their single „Tell Me Who I Am“ the band set the first steps on that route.
During the pandemic, the band experienced several personal strokes of fate. The experience deeply
influenced the latest production of the single „family“.
The song tells a story of the connection between us and the people who raised us to become who we
are now.
Inspired by their heroes – legendary songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Brandi Carlile
or Marcus Mumford – the band teamed up with producer Christian Lohr (producer of Gianna Nannini,
Sting, Mick Jagger, Joss Stone and many more) to work on their upcoming record – off which “family”
will be the first single release.
The front singer Hanne Kah creates visibility and representation for women* and queer people. She
uses her voice as a public person in her lyrics to point out grievances in society and the music
industry, especially in relation to gender equality, in order to initiate changes.
Hanne Kah’s music and stage performance creates a virtual guest house that opens horizons to an
inclusive, flourishing world. A family with a place for everyone.